Inhospitable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Inhospitable:

These inhospitable conditions led to the extinction of 76 percent of Earth’s species, including the dinosaurs.

This can make the soil inhospitable to native plants and tree seedlings and far more likely to erode.

Some scientists contend that life on our planet arose in such seemingly inhospitable conditions.

Though Venus is pretty inhospitable today, “Earth and Venus likely had very similar starting conditions, and recent work has shown that Venus may have been habitable, with surface liquid water oceans, as recently as a billion years ago,” he says.

Apple was eager to arrive in India, but the country has been a somewhat inhospitable host.

They both consist of naked, inhospitable masses of rock, and serve at most as resting places for a few gulls.

It came out of unknown and inhospitable mystery, and went into a mystery equally unknown and inhospitable.

It is in the northern sea, near the inhospitable Gulf of Stavanger, and in the 59th degree of latitude.

The summits of the higher ones were constantly swept by the flakes of foam, and promised nothing but an inhospitable drenching.

Mackenzie had a bruised and heavy feeling about him as he shouldered his pack and hurried from that inhospitable door.