Ungenerous [adjective]

Definition of Ungenerous:

not generous

Synonyms of Ungenerous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ungenerous:

Sentence/Example of Ungenerous:

The shifty, ungenerous spirit of compromise awoke in Raymount.

He is not so ungenerous a man as you think him: nor has he an unfeeling heart.

It cannot, cannot be, that I should have cause to apprehend him to be so ungenerous, so bad a man.

Do you think me so ungenerous as to seek a place in your esteem without his consent?

Not a single unkind or ungenerous thought is to be found in any book of hers.

Come, come, Charley; if you were not in an ill mood, you 'd never say anything so ungenerous.

She was not ordinarily one to whom words were ungenerous, but now she could not talk.

The terms were far from ungenerous, as is shown by the contract which followed him back to London.

How ungenerous of you to come anew and try to take her away from me!

She was not ungenerous toward women, as are so many pretty girls.