Petty [adjective]

Definition of Petty:

trivial, insignificant

Opposite/Antonyms of Petty:

Sentence/Example of Petty:

What did he care then for Halbert Davis and his petty malice!

Not that in his presence she became vain or petty or jealous; that would have been impossible.

No matter by what petty trials they were caught so that they were really caught.

Now that he was gone there would be nothing but quarrels and petty jealousies.

This kind of petty bribery is, of course, abominable, and should never be countenanced.

One of the mates, and two of the petty officers, could speak a little English.

But the formal exterior of that petty pompous man I cannot penetrate.

Petty was a most indefatigable contriver, inventor, and organizer of industry.

There is no one who can use me unless it be some petty state which needs mercenaries.

Every petty bourgeois in a democratic community has a chance of rising and wishes to do so.