Selfish [adjective]

Definition of Selfish:

thinking only of oneself

Opposite/Antonyms of Selfish:

Sentence/Example of Selfish:

It ain't a selfish feeling, so I know there's some good in it.

It is a spirit contracted in its views, selfish in its objects.

She had no affection for this selfish invalid, this weak, peevish bully.

But the feelings of Cornelius in no case deserved consideration—they were so selfish.

He had raised the boy wrong—he had taught him to be selfish.

We could at least enjoy the selfish satisfaction of faring better than our neighbours.

They are both afraid, now that Mrs. Whitney—selfish creature!

He was a selfish man, and wanted the glory of the day to be all his own.

We have been selfish, sister, in urging our visit at such hazard.

How do you know Antoun Effendi thinks you selfish and obstinate?