Egoistical [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Egoistical:

Egoistical and hard, he has lived up to the last for show, throwing out his chest in a bubble of vanity.

She had two natures—the one egoistical and calculating, the other all heart and passionate tenderness.

"My cup is small, but I drink out of my cup," said the egoistical poet of an avaricious people.

They are self-opinionated and egoistical, with a conceit and assurance out of all proportion to their abilities.

The latter affords the purest examples of an unalterable tenderness, in no way disturbed by egoistical considerations.

But perhaps even the too frequent loss of books is an evil to be preferred to the egoistical meanness of the selfish collector.

If love is egoistical then I am rampant this moment with egoism.

The laborer is counted as the most material and egoistical man.

London is egoistical, and the world for her ends with the four-mile cab radius.

I confess that on reading a passage here and there it seems merely an autobiographical sequence, and egoistical into the bargain.