Egoistic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Egoistic:

The conflict between the desire for marriage and egoistic ambitions.

A less egoistic man would have seen that a national uprising was imminent.

Thus his two or three days' existence passes without one egoistic act.

This purpose cannot have been egoistic, since God is without need, being above pleasure and pain.

Placing her own personality out of the question was impossible for one so absorbed in self as this egoistic young creature.

They are so many various views of the soul according as we regard it from an intrinsic, an altruistic, or an egoistic standpoint.

Utilitarianism has been rightly called universal hedonism, as distinguished from the hedonism of Epicurus, which was egoistic.

Altruistic is Godwin's teaching, egoistic Stirner's and Tucker's.

It is salutary for stale vendettas, racial prejudices, diseases of the nerves, egoistic melancholias.

This egoistic conception of history is carried to its most violent extreme by the anarchists.