Unpropitious [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unpropitious:

Victims were sacrificed, and the omens declared not unpropitious.

If the weather should be unpropitious the festival was to be in the church vestry.

Elevation is unpropitious to the display of his more amiable qualities.

In England, after an unpropitious summer, the remark is often made, "We have had no summer!"

Our next voyage in the Romulus was unpropitious from the start.

It was at this most unpropitious moment that Hamilton came briskly into the room.

With masculine obtuseness he chose the most unpropitious moment.

It was an unpropitious moment for a theatrical venture in that part of the world.

But the fact is, there is an unpropitious flavor in my mouth just now.

Perhaps this is only figurative, as in the case of the unpropitious forest-deities.