Catty [adjective]

Definition of Catty:

nasty, malicious

Synonyms of Catty:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catty:




Sentence/Example of Catty:

She is a nice little girl though, is Catty—the double-distilled essence of good-nature.

Catty Clowrie watched them and the captain, and the game too, noting everything, and making no mistakes.

Catty Clowrie was standing in her own doorway, but Cherrie did not stop to speak, only nodded, and knocked at Mrs. Marsh's door.

Did Miss Catty Clowrie, standing unheeded by, with ears as sharp as lances, hear this very straightforward avowal?

Any skirmish in a women's organization is referred to women and their catty ways.

In the rest of the volume, where Mr. Catty does not take himself quite so seriously, there are some rather pleasing things.

Don't bore him with your fight with the grocer or the catty things Mrs. X said at bridge or afternoon tea.

The average load is seventy or eighty catties, a catty equalling about one pound and a quarter.

Tom halloed, and that blue-eyed pudge of a Catty pounded on the window with her fat little fist.

I've heard some of the catty things she said about my breaking up the friendship between her and Malcolm.