Inexorable [adjective]

Definition of Inexorable:

cruel, pitiless

Opposite/Antonyms of Inexorable:

Sentence/Example of Inexorable:

The history of adaptive evolution has been recounted as a history of Sente—an inexorable sequence of tactical moves.

Nobody wants to migrate away from home, even when an inexorable danger is inching ever closer.

It’s an inexorable erosion of our skies that mirrors our impact on the Earth.

It’s a sense of wonder at the inexorable order in which the mathematical world arranges itself.

But he thought of the inexorable beating of that pulse of life—of life, and the will to live as her philosophy desired.

We have done wickedly, and provoked thee to wrath: therefore thou art inexorable.

But he did not give in without a struggle, and he fought loyally for the absent Dabbler, but the girls were inexorable.

Therefore the inexorable penalty, which evermore follows wrong, as a shadow its substance, was suffered to descend.

Long before they were ended, little Laura, with a determination as inexorable as Brodrick's, had left Brodrick's house.

How Shylock—how the old Jew with his inexorable pound of flesh-worship, creeps up in every section of human society!