Unburdened [adjective]

Definition of Unburdened:

unfastened, unclosed

Opposite/Antonyms of Unburdened:

Sentence/Example of Unburdened:

They wished to enjoy life, unburdened by offspring, while they were young.

It was not until he was alone with his father and mother that he unburdened himself.

She had chosen the companionship of Alice, and had unburdened her heart to her.

When we were left alone with our cigars he unburdened his soul.

As I unburdened my mind of my anxieties about mother, she listened coldly.

We first unburdened it but this did not help; no more did our shouting and threats.

To one person only had Bosambo unburdened himself of his schemes.

He thought for a moment, and then unburdened himself of another idea.

I have unburdened myself in this book, and in some other pages, of what I was born to say.

It took him off the hook, unburdened him of the need to worry about whether or not he lived.