Unobstructed [adjective]

Definition of Unobstructed:

not obstructed

Synonyms of Unobstructed:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unobstructed:

Sentence/Example of Unobstructed:

The top of the chaise was down, so that the view was unobstructed on every side.

From the cape where they now stood an unobstructed view was had to the south.

The small boy heaved a sigh of ecstasy at his unobstructed view.

The front gate commanded an unobstructed view of the desert.

If she had wished to proceed the path now lay clear and unobstructed before her.

For miles it commanded an unobstructed view in almost every direction.

It implies that the unobstructed heavens are in the secret of their decline.

One of them is unobstructed by furniture, and is wholly visible.

Finding an unobstructed passage for about two miles, they returned.

On they dashed, unopposed and unobstructed, until Buckland Mills was reached.