Unimpeded [adjective]

Definition of Unimpeded:


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Sentence/Example of Unimpeded:

Here it was narrower, there wider, but throughout its length it was free and unimpeded.

A few of them, however, received the unimpeded flow of complete batteries.

This ice was practically all melted now, and the view across the flats was unimpeded.

A fundamental condition of exercise is unimpeded respiration.

The ground was too open, the zone of fire too unimpeded, the shooting too steady.

We must be unimpeded in our movements, for the trail we shall follow is difficult.

What then is that which when we write makes us free from hindrance and unimpeded.

Tom Watkins walked off, unimpeded, to look for his briefcase.

A noble career is yet before me, if I can be unimpeded by cares.

Indeed, they never had the comfort of an open and unimpeded road.