Unbolted [adjective]

Definition of Unbolted:

not tight; unconstrained

Opposite/Antonyms of Unbolted:

Sentence/Example of Unbolted:

I found it unbolted, and as everything was quiet inside, I entered.

He unbolted the door, looked in the dark room beyond, and listened.

Our bread was made of unbolted corn, and was cold and clammy.

"I didn't know we had left any of them unbolted," Mrs. Brown said.

Shears turned the key of the door, unbolted it and softly pushed it open.

He got into his coat, unbolted the door, and plunged into the purifying night.

He crossed to the street door, unlocked and unbolted it and pulled it open.

Then he unbolted the door, dropped the chain, and opened the door.

At the same moment Quintana unbolted the door from the outside and tried to open it.

He took Rollo's candle, and also the valise, and then unbolted and unlocked the front door.