Unlocked [adjective]

Definition of Unlocked:


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Sentence/Example of Unlocked:

"Then I will go with you," answered Ashton; and he unlocked the door.

Stoliker produced a key and unlocked the manacles, slipping them into his pocket.

She unlocked the door, and, passing out, neglected closing it after her.

Sybilly got the key an' unlocked it, an' she give us this candy, too!

She seized it as soon as Marriott drew it from her pocket, and unlocked the door.

He unlocked it, entered the garden, and made all fast again behind him.

But after waiting a moment for an answer he took a key from his pocket and unlocked the door.

He went to a drawer, unlocked it, and took out a long blue envelope.

There he ventured to light his lantern, unlocked the door and stepped within.

Mr. Dunbar took a bunch of keys from his pocket, and unlocked his despatch-box.