Unsecured [adjective]

Definition of Unsecured:

not tight; unconstrained

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsecured:

Sentence/Example of Unsecured:

No compromise for him, no evasions, no fallacious, unsecured promises to pay.

The one unsecured door, was the door which led into the sitting-room from the staircase.

It was his promise to pay, unsecured by any collateral, and yet it was perfectly good.

This rate, the company stated, was on short-time, unsecured paper.

He, not the bank, let me have that twenty thousand on my unsecured note.

If you prefer, you may regard this amount as an unsecured loan and repay it with current interest on opportunity.

The liabilities are grouped according to the security; unsecured, secured and capital.

The usual method of granting credit to them is to advance loans on one and two name paper, unsecured.

He is good metal in the inside, though rough and unsecured without, and therefore hated of the courtier, that is quite contrary.

On the statement form shown, this item is divided as to notes, secured and unsecured, not due and past due.