Unfettered [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Unfettered:

He is a lover of truth, and advocates the only way to arrive at it, which is by unfettered thought.

The Word of God might be useful in its way, but only as studied with unfettered thought.

His will, like his imagination, wanders free and unfettered.

All of this has been accomplished since the energies of men were unfettered.

As for the third, he was wounded, though not badly, and we left him unfettered.

She walked, as always, with the elastic resilience of unfettered youth.

He knew too much, and was obviously too clever, to be allowed to go about unfettered.

"The last evening of my free, unfettered existence has drawn on," she wrote.

These things are left to the unfettered choice of individuals.

She held out her hands, and he saw at a glance that her fingers were unfettered.