Fettered [verb]

Definition of Fettered:

tie up, hold

Synonyms of Fettered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fettered:

Sentence/Example of Fettered:

Edward sent him to London, 'fettered on a hackney,' to undergo the same barbarous death as his heroic brother.

The whole city was like a prisoner, whose limbs are held while he is searched and fettered.

More than once he sighed—sighed heavily, as a man when fettered and compelled to act against his better nature.

She too hides somewhere, deep down, a poor fettered thing that would gladly join the revel, if it dared.

These (p. 119) statistics are of interest as showing what can be done by a club when not fettered by club premises.

They are the natural complement and unavoidable consequence of three preceding years of Free Trade and a fettered Currency.

A glance at the austere plateau and the ice-fettered coast was evidence of a rigid, inhospitable climate.

His recovery was rapid, and he was soon released from the tyranny which woman loves to establish about the sickness-fettered man.

But Prussia was still watchful, and England was no longer fettered as in 1773 by troubles with America.

In idea she was fettered and incarcerated in the worst cell of the worst prison in London.