Unlatched [adjective]

Definition of Unlatched:

not tight; unconstrained

Opposite/Antonyms of Unlatched:

Sentence/Example of Unlatched:

Even if he could find an open window, or if the door were unlatched, how could he find the girl?

The gate was unlatched and there was an orchard on the other side of it.

As he unlatched the second, she perceived a man's figure in front of her.

Then he unlatched the window and left it, hoping that it would not blow open and betray him.

He unlatched the outhouse and feverishly harnessed six of the dogs to the sled.

Or had she deliberately left it unlatched so that Zarathustra could get in?

Avice went to the door, unlatched it, and peered forth into the night.

He unlatched the kitchen door, and stole up the ricketty staircase.

"I remember now that the gate was unlatched yesterday," spoke Robin, slowly.

And then she waved her hand, and whistled to Laddie as she unlatched the little gate.