Escaped [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Escaped:

That’s the problem with being locked up at home — you can’t escape.

Most spots outside the Beltway should see temperatures fall into the 20s for several hours, although downtown may escape its first freeze of the fall, at least officially.

When you put your mask on, adjust the noseband accordingly and let your glasses sit over it so their weight further helps prevent air from escaping.

It doesn’t need to have escaped violence altogether, either, Jørgensen says.

To close the gap, this cheetah tripped its quarry as it attempted to escape, proving that sometimes, strategy is just as important as speed.

The soldier maintained that the prisoners had tried to escape, but Sparks didn’t believe it.

Now as then, the biggest question will be who escapes and who is left behind.

Well, mostly — she didn’t entirely escape that mother-daughter thing.

The outdoor education industry hasn’t completely escaped the tentacles of the “coronavirus economy” either.

Some have even offered their homes as havens for anyone who might suddenly need to escape their own.