Liberated [verb]

Definition of Liberated:

give freedom

Synonyms of Liberated:

Opposite/Antonyms of Liberated:

Sentence/Example of Liberated:

The rioters liberated the prisoners confined in the prisons, and totally destroyed Newgate by fire.

Now and then, from caprice, one was liberated; but the innocent and the guilty fell alike.

At other times, free balloons are liberated, carrying sets of automatic registering instruments.

In 1860, when the constitution was granted by Francis II., the camorristi then in gaol were liberated in great numbers.

Two more columns of toiling Shinros we liberated with injections, then our supply of fluid was exhausted.

As soon as he was finally liberated, Po called a meeting of his fellow-prisoners.

Either you will be relieved and have a good hour again before the sun goes down, or else you will be liberated.

A newly liberated people may be compared to a northern army encamped on the Rhine or the Xeres.

If the plant occurs along the water, the seeds, when liberated, float about until they rest in a suitable place for germination.

He ran and got Mr. Eden's ring out of pawn, and kissed it and put it on; next he liberated his hat.