Uncaged [adjective]

Definition of Uncaged:

not tight; unconstrained

Opposite/Antonyms of Uncaged:

Sentence/Example of Uncaged:

For ransom and release, she gave her lips unresistingly, and he uncaged her.

And I no more dared glance at Tod than if he had been an uncaged crocodile.

And Paula, uncaged at last, came to his heart with a cry, and clung there.

There were uncaged winds about; you could hear them whistling among the precipices.

Then, that he must be as near the uncaged tiger as human mind and body can be made.

They rather wished they had not uncaged, last night, the two black owls.

At last the nightmare of Benham's childhood had come true, and he was face to face with a tiger, uncaged, uncontrolled.

There was the sound of a low growl as of an uncaged animal, then a scuffling sound followed by a thud.

The uncaged pet has an advantage over the caged one in that he can, if neglected, return to the wild and shift for himself.

Hemmed in on all sides, the Caribs fought with the fury of uncaged beasts, and sold their lives dearly.