Unshackled [adjective]

Definition of Unshackled:

not tight; unconstrained

Opposite/Antonyms of Unshackled:

Sentence/Example of Unshackled:

Its hardships were more than compensated for by its unshackled freedom.

No singing—for songs come from the happy heart of labor, unshackled.

In Colombia, all castes and all colors are free and unshackled.

Turning her palms up and down, she showed him her unshackled wrists.

He thought a dog free and unshackled to go or come as the wind listeth.

Unshackled from your past, you've burst the bands of superstition, lethargy, inertia.

Unshackled from that fearful darkness that wars against our spirits?

But now the world is unshackled from the corners of the packs of Leicester.

Our unshackled ego, scorning things done that took the eye and had the price, seems to have the truer voice.

His seven feet and over shambled about, suggesting unjointed power, unshackled force.