Loosened [verb]

Definition of Loosened:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Loosened:

Sentence/Example of Loosened:

Earlier this year, Apple also loosened restrictions on some cloud-gaming apps and email services, charging a fee to fewer developers.

For months, Desmond has been making the case on his podcast and from his seat on the Board of Supervisors that public health officials should loosen their restrictions.

This power to lift or loosen obligations can certainly be used for good.

Record numbers of people are voting early or requesting absentee ballots in Virginia as the coronavirus pandemic and newly loosened election laws reshape voting habits here during this year’s presidential election.

Cases now attach via magnet, which allows them to loosen their death grip on the edges of your device.

The poll asked about the border being closed for all non-essential travel, and 57 percent of respondents were opposed to loosening those restrictions at this time.

One of the biggest challenges our clients have is understanding where they’re able to loosen brand safety guidelines and trusting the technology to go to work.

Collectively, though, Republican candidates have expressed support for loosening restrictions on businesses and setting aside more open space for schools and others.

Restoring forests reduces the erosion that often follows wildfires when rain loosens exposed soil, damaging roads, power lines and ecosystems and depositing sediments in reservoirs.

Restaurants took advantage of pandemic-driven state and local ordinances that temporarily loosened regulations and in some cases allowed business to expand into streets for the season to recoup some of the seats lost indoors.