Unlace [verb]

Definition of Unlace:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Unlace:

Sentence/Example of Unlace:

Philothea was stooping to unlace her sandal, and she immediately picked it up.

He tried to unlace the thongs that bound his feet, but could not manage it.

Sit 'ee down and unlace your boots, while me and Tenny pulls.

Before he realized what she was doing, she had started to unlace his boots.

Let me unlace your boots—why, your feet are cold, and on a night like this!

"Check your fooling and help to unlace me, all of you," quoth the Sparhawk.

Hurley tossed the peavy into its corner and proceeded to unlace his boots.

If I just unlace this one, you can wiggle your foot out as easy as pie.

He reached his bedstead, and sat down and tried to unlace his boots, but could not.

Let me unlace your boots, granny, and get your slippers for you.