Unbolt [verb]

Definition of Unbolt:

set free; unbind

Opposite/Antonyms of Unbolt:

Sentence/Example of Unbolt:

Eager as themselves, I hastened to unbolt the door and set them free.

You've got to go f'm there to the front an' unbolt the door.

He was angry that she should have dared to unbolt the door, or to withdraw the bars.

This Scott—if he was out of the way, they could unbolt the doors and walk out.

Can you get through one of these windows, Ito, and unbolt the door?

To be sure he could unbolt the door, and slip away unseen and unheard.

She started as the sound of the bell reached her, and hurried out to unbolt the door.

I say to thee, unbolt the door, unbolt it quick, lest thou be too late.

She stole to unbolt the door and away to warn Christian, when a whisper stayed her.

He knew he could unlock and unbolt the door and leap out quickly.