Unclasp [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unclasp:

He could not unclasp the trusting little hand that was slipped in his.

They tried to climb higher, but could not unclasp their hands.

"You must let me go," said Stafford, and tried to unclasp the hand.

I tried to unclasp the fingers,—to drive him from his hold on the rail.

Meanwhile Stonor essayed to unclasp the chain around her neck.

She did not answer, but I saw her hands clasp and unclasp in her lap.

She was about to unclasp the bracelet from my wrist, but I drew back my arm.

Permitting him to unclasp your bracelet, or, still worse, to inspect your brooch.

He endeavoured to unclasp her clinging arms, but she only clung the closer.

His old withered hands clasp and unclasp each other nervously.