Unbuckle [verb]

Definition of Unbuckle:


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Sentence/Example of Unbuckle:

Unbuckle his reins, and buckle them on to those of the troopers.

He did not unbuckle his safety belt—he rose and it snapped like a string.

He threw off his jacket and began to unbuckle his cartridge belt.

She caught a word, and began to unbuckle the frozen straps of his gear.

He was about to unbuckle the belt and take it off, but hesitated, feeling that it would not be in his way.

The German removed his helmet and Tom was glad to unbuckle the straps of his own.

Unbuckle your swords, throw them on the ground, and dismount.

Now unbuckle your gun-belt with your left hand—your left, I said!

You may unbuckle the strap, Dave, so that he can get out of the berth.

Take my cloak, I must unbuckle; my pickled oysters work; puff, puff!