Untied [adjective]

Definition of Untied:


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Sentence/Example of Untied:

She untied the bit of calico string with fingers that shook from excitement.

Linda picked it up, untied the string, and slipped off the wrapping.

She sat down on the little sofa, and untied her bonnet-strings.

Slowly she untied the scarf from the door and placed it in her handbag.

She untied it from her wrist and noticed that daylight flooded the compartment.

The handkerchief about Dan's ankles was untied, and he was roughly assisted to his feet.

When the silk handkerchief was untied, he folded it neatly and placed it in his pocket.

And the wizards was untied and fed up and given the best house in town to live in.

Then he untied his hive and stretched himself out on the grass to rest.

And as I said this, I untied my cravat, and appeared to prepare for the headsman.