Unbound [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Unbound:

He unbound his crimson silk cloth and whisked it about in the water to wash it.

She unbound and bound him in sections, as it were; he watching her with a morose smile.

Her glowing copper hair, all unbound, fell about her shoulders like a mantle.

My unbound books, and all my tracts and pamphlets, are to be tied up with pink tape.

They unbound him and took him with them in their wanderings for three years.

Mayall was unbound—his mind became calm, his resolution was formed.

She sat up, dry-eyed, unbound her hair, flung from her the crumpled neglige.

Her hair, all unbound, fell around her in shifting masses like smoke.

"Very well, see you do it," and he unbound and let the bear go.

All the mass of her hair was unbound, and fell in a cloud about her to the waist.