Unhooked [adjective]

Definition of Unhooked:

not tight; unconstrained

Opposite/Antonyms of Unhooked:

Sentence/Example of Unhooked:

The great mace used by his ecclesiastical ancestor he unhooked from the wall.

He unhooked the reins from the fence, and flung them over its head.

Then I unhooked and closed the door and even pushed the bolt.

With this, he unhooked his nag from the wall, and clattered off to the "Packhorse."

He unhooked the cables and took the power pack from his back.

Turly had climbed up and unhooked some things which had caught his fancy.

I unhooked mine and carried it in my hand, ready to throw the light where I needed it most.

He unhooked the crystal drops from the great chandeliers to make his fountains.

Gently he unhooked the door and fastened it again in the same manner.

Harry unhooked his carbide from his belt, lit it and looked around.