Undone [adjective]

Definition of Undone:

not done

Synonyms of Undone:

Opposite/Antonyms of Undone:

Sentence/Example of Undone:

I tell you, lad, that I am all undone, like a fretted bow-string.

Mali-ya-bwana, under his directions, had undone the loads containing the lanterns.

I must make him believe that I prefer a commoner for my son-in-law, or we are all undone with him.

It is done—it cannot be undone: I am a weak, ruined, dishonoured wretch!

I care not on what terms I have it—I care not what becomes of me—I am undone!

A tie which years have tightened cannot be undone in an hour.

The physical transformation of face couldn't be undone, that was certain.

Already you've undone the mischief he did you, and one half of your task is accomplished.

After all, the cursed thing I did for nothing can be undone.

The sum of it was that he must have ten pounds from Blood that very morning or they were all undone.