Uncompleted [adjective]

Definition of Uncompleted:


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Sentence/Example of Uncompleted:

Captain Lote grasped the significance of the uncompleted sentence.

Each of you two seems to me as yet incomplete, and your destinies yet uncompleted.

They had been too busy with their uncompleted toilettes to observe him at first.

Our lives, uncompleted, what meaning is there in such lives?

But I see only my Fakeer's garments, and think of my uncompleted vows.

He got an uncompleted despatch, but could not make anything out of it.

However, the sun arose on their uncompleted toil, and dried them all up!

The sun is new each day, ever uncompleted: so are these records of the flame of Turner.

An uncompleted piece of law business, which I must finish for my old chief?

This is why there is so large a body of uncompleted Limericks.