Hindered [verb]

Definition of Hindered:

prevent, slow down

Synonyms of Hindered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hindered:

Sentence/Example of Hindered:

Attempts to hinder voters from casting ballots by spreading misinformation is illegal and will not be tolerated.

Data silos and point solutions limit the reach and efficacy of your every digital marketing effort, hindering your ability to drive traffic, leads, and revenue.

Still, the renminbi is hindered by a lack of full convertibility.

A central issue in the case is Epic's contention that Apple's exclusive control over the iOS App Store constitutes an illegal monopoly that hinders competition.

Adding to the challenges, limited cellular service in certain tribal communities hinders the effectiveness of wireless hot spots.

The reliance on third parties also has hindered customer efforts to repair iPhones.

That is, the more you change the level of activation, the more it hinders perception, but it’s mostly based on the cell’s neighbors rather than the action of a sniff, for example.

He is perplexed and hindered by the lack of soldiers, but is doing his best with his small forces.

Nothing but an extreme love of truth could have hindered me from concealing this part of my story.

And next day there was one more revealing incident that helped, yet also hindered him, as he moved along his via dolorosa.