Resist [verb]

Definition of Resist:

withstand, oppose

Opposite/Antonyms of Resist:

Sentence/Example of Resist:

She had not life enough left to resist the shock of her father-in-law's blows.

Why resist, and refuse the glory of belonging to the faculty?

"I'll do it," I cried, no longer able to resist, for the fever of it was in my blood.

They are my strength; they give me the courage to resist you.

She was so distressed to find that she no longer had strength to resist her pride.

Concerning Linda she could not resist a feeling of exultation.

With the courage of her mother-love she could resist anything and everyone.

But there are things which no strength of mind, no temerity can resist.

He could not resist the infringement of this rule, however, and continued his experiments.

She knew too much of life, in some patient fashion, to resist it, in any of its phases.