Contravene [verb]

Definition of Contravene:

go against, contradict

Synonyms of Contravene:

Opposite/Antonyms of Contravene:

Sentence/Example of Contravene:

More worryingly, the draft rules empower regulators to conduct investigations on “internet broadcasters” who are suspected of contravening Lesotho’s broadcasting rules and “may direct or facilitate removal of such posts or content”.

As London-based design expert Cennyd Bowles told the magazine, TikTok “just contravenes everything I’ve been taught and everything I practiced in my design career to date.”

So watered it down in certain ways specifically regarding the punishment of bodies that contravene the law.

Levying sanctions against only one member state contravenes that credo.

Apple removed the wildly popular Fortnite game from its App Store after it rolled out a new direct payment system that contravened its policies.

I saw it was useless to argue with him: his features were stamped with despair, and to contravene a man's fate is impossible.

She wanted to defend her sister, but she had no arguments weighty enough to contravene those of her brother-in-law.

Maza's tyranny had so infuriated Don Rosendo's friends that they spared no means to contravene it.

He was far more anxious not to contravene the unwritten laws of the Undergraduate world.

I must grieve, I must weep: it seems the law of God, and the only one that men are not disposed to contravene.