Overstep [verb]

Definition of Overstep:


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Sentence/Example of Overstep:

His praise was as close to fulsome flattery as it could be and not overstep the mark.

If we overstep the limit this country will get too hot for us.

And so, if I overstep the usual limits, who will comment on that?

In this he must use judgment and not overstep their intelligence too far.

In all this they are perfectly right, if they do not overstep the limits of the sphere of nature.

Guy Patin was content with his sphere; he had no desire to overstep it.

Individual initiative must not overstep the boundary line of this grace.

Willie is always so very particular not to overstep your permission in any way.

Never, in its most intimate passages, does it overstep the borders of delicacy.

Could he be sure of himself––to do this discreetly, or would he overstep the mark?