Muzzle [noun]

Definition of Muzzle:

covering for control

Synonyms of Muzzle:








Opposite/Antonyms of Muzzle:


Sentence/Example of Muzzle:

He whirled to receive the muzzle of a revolver in his stomach.

And Yates, taking the weapon by the muzzle, tossed it as far as he could into the field.

Five of our ships were engaged muzzle to muzzle with five of the French.

Suddenly he dropped the muzzle of the pistol and, pale as a sheet, turned to his second.

The gun was loaded, and filled nearly to the muzzle with slugs.

Also, a ferret's muzzle, and a twist of tarry string, still faintly aromatic.

Balta said, and Murray felt the muzzle of the neuro-pistol on his spinal column.

"It's you, Oscar," observes this Miss Bark, shiftin' the muzzle to him.

You don't carry a rifle with the muzzle pointing towards your left ear.

He walked up to the gun and peered into its muzzle with one eye.