Movable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Movable:

Yet, thanks to the Fire-God, the man had saved all his movable belongings.

To such a gallery one or two movable screens will be of great use.

This invention was the method of printing with movable types.

The inner globe was movable within the outer globe, or rind.

Umbones: two movable spines on the sides of prothorax in some Coleoptera.

But fortune is so variant, and the wheel so movable, there is no constant abiding.

This phenomenon, then, is the movable break of the child-voice.

I presume all that was movable in the ship has been carried off?

Breechblock—a movable piece which closes the breech of a cannon.

A movable and ornamental closet or piece of furniture with shelves and drawers.