Removable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Removable:

When a man is married he is settled in fact, and then he is not removable.

Pipe B is removable, which is convenient in cleaning out the tank.

But it would have been too much to have expected me to treat all this matter as removable rubbish.

The board were to be appointed by the King, and removable at his pleasure.

The viceroys were appointed by the king and removable by him at pleasure.

So far as I can see, these causes, at present, are not removable.

For we do not find anything in which reason is a removable accident.

But now, it appeared that the tile which protruded from the cement floor was removable.

There were six of these shelves, all removable at will, and Susanna now took out all but two.

The President could not recall his appointment if "the officer is not removable."