Detachable [adjective]

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The modern world has made it ever easier to detach ourselves from consequences and accountability.

Alongside its emissions tracking software, the company has also expanded its microgrid offerings, which can be detached from larger electric grids and run on their own renewable energy sources, for example solar panels.

The predator’s fossilized body and head are detached from one another.

It’s not that apartments are magically greener than single-family detached homes.

Although touted as multipurpose, these OXO kitchen shears aren’t loaded with special features—just a simple pair of sharp blades that can be detached, and an herb stripper nestled between two padded and comfortable handles.

Here, one arrow can flip another, distant arrow, despite their not being neighbors — an indication that the system’s macroscopic properties have detached from its microscopic details.

This is, in its simpler forms, a stiff, detachable tube from fifteen to twenty feet long and about four inches in diameter.

The interiors are gilt, often furnished with detachable plates and sometimes set with brilliants.

A detachable, padded support can be easily made at home for placing on any low-back chair and used as a head rest.

His patent detachable lock, however, had disappeared, like the jewels.