Gaping [adjective]

Definition of Gaping:

wide open

Synonyms of Gaping:

Opposite/Antonyms of Gaping:



Sentence/Example of Gaping:

The Seneschal stood with blanched face and gaping mouth, his fire all turned to ashes before the passion of this gaunt man.

She had looked into the kitchen and saw the dishes in the sink and the gaping stove hearth, and shook her head.

He glanced sharply at Ward, who stood gaping in astonishment, then back at the doctor.

It stood upon the floor, a metal cylinder a hundred feet in length, whose blunt ends showed dark openings of gaping ports.

"That is what Mr. Wilding has done me the honour to propose," Ruth answered bitterly, and left them gaping.

Two men of sinister figure, clad in goat skins and carrying lanterns in their hands, stood near the gaping opening.

He thus reached the spot where lay the body of Blue-fox, with a wide gaping wound in his chest.

He came in gaping and digging one fist into his eyes, and he was dragging a gun along with the other one.

One of these could tear a gaping hole in the side of a battleship and send it, with all on board, to the bottom.

I turned and stared into the gaping jaws of a terrifying serpent wriggling through the shallow water on many legs.