Stricken [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Stricken:

And Jud, with a stricken look, crossed the floor with trailing feet.

But his well-meant attempt to assuage the stricken creature's wo was futile.

It came to a vote, and it was stricken out, two to one in the vote.

Bohun was speechless for a moment, stricken dumb by a second seizure of fury.

His name was Sabathier, and for fifteen years he had been stricken with ataxia.

Stricken low in her thirteenth year, she had grown no older in mind.

One morning, as he was going downstairs, Orlando was stricken with paralysis.

It argues that if France was stricken with defeat, it was because she deserved punishment.

He was stricken dumb with astonishment on seeing who was in the sleigh.

She could not put into words the memories that beset her stricken consciousness.