Forsaken [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Forsaken:

In spite of this, the garden studio was not wholly forsaken, and nearly every day she accomplished something there.

There shall be a crying for wine in the streets: all mirth is forsaken: the joy of the earth is gone away.

For the house is forsaken, the multitude of the city is left, darkness and obscurity are come upon its dens for ever.

Reverend McCarthy, one of the oldest, and regarded as one of the strongest, one of the ablest ministers to such a forsaken charge.

The covenant is often represented as forsaken both as a covenant and as a law; but is exhibited as gone into only as a covenant.

Lady May, although her girlish ways have not forsaken her, has no present thoughts of making any man happy.

I have forsaken my house, I have left my inheritance: I have given my dear soul into the hand of her enemies.

They would fall off in forsaken fragments from the great bond of union which now adorns and beautifies all society.

Lowell had forsaken an active career to take up the routine of an Indian agent's life.

You seem mighty glad to go out to this forsaken old ranch where you won't see us for the whole summer.