Godforsaken [adjective]

Definition of Godforsaken:


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Sentence/Example of Godforsaken:

If money were of any value here in this Godforsaken spot, I would offer considerably more than a penny for your thoughts, Ruth.

You never saw no earl, not in this Godforsaken land, marry you never.

Until today, there wasn't a loose pebble in this godforsaken place!

Don't you think your morning negligee is just a little scanty even for this Godforsaken corner of the earth?

Wasn't there one Godforsaken lubber in the lot fit to raise a yell on a rope?

Wasn't there in all that Godforsaken country a woman to take with you?

What can anybody do to make money in this Godforsaken country?

With the yacht gone, and us on a Godforsaken tea-tray in mid-ocean!