Forlorn [adjective]

Definition of Forlorn:

hopeless, inconsolable

Opposite/Antonyms of Forlorn:

Sentence/Example of Forlorn:

"I wasn't joking last night when I told Goodell that this was something of a forlorn hope," he said.

"The high and mighty sent me out to lead a forlorn hope," Mac dryly responded.

It ended in a broad open moor, stony; and full of damp boggy hollows, forlorn and desolate under the autumn sky.

The same old battalions being called on again and again to do the forlorn hope sort of business.

I was more than ready to take her place; you actually stirred my maternal instincts when you arrived, you looked so forlorn.

In an obscure alley, in the town of Homestead, there stands a one-story frame house, looking old and forlorn.

It was a forlorn kind of chance for everybody, but as Jack said, "I was saved once, and I know what them poor bloods feel like."

But there was something forlorn in Sara Lee that night as she clutched her hat with both hands and stared out at the shore lights.

Behind the automobile plodded a forlorn mule dragging a wagon-load of empty boxes.

Could I have been led to believe that the vile mockery of the cynic was applicable to one in my forlorn and desperate situation?