Rising [adjective]

Definition of Rising:


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Sentence/Example of Rising:

"I'll put on the teakettle at once, Robert," said his mother, rising.

We are much in want of rain, and thought we should have had some, but the barometer is rising this evening.

But every eye was upon me, and the Church was silent as death, waiting for my rising.

But he must see that the boy was safe in bed, and rising he left the room.

We see the same idea also in the rising and setting sun and moon.

(rising angrily, and throwing the pillows after Toinette, who runs away).

"I guess I'll go to look after the horses," said the farmer, rising.

"I half believe you are right, Mr. Yates," said the professor, rising.

The rising of the stars, or the opening of a violet; each fact was a surprise to her.

"I must drink," I said, cutting him short and rising to my feet.