Mounting [verb]

Definition of Mounting:


Synonyms of Mounting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mounting:

Sentence/Example of Mounting:

They ordered their ponies and, mounting, rode behind us under escort.

Mounting the front steps, she drew forth the key, and put it in the door.

The man Eccles shut the door, mounting the box beside the driver.

On mounting the steps at the Thtre Franais I trod on a lady's dress.

Dignified firmness had been the line I intended, but my rage was mounting.

The German name implies that he is exempt from mounting guard.

The fierce red glare that lit the southern sky was ever mounting higher.

"Ah yes, the man who's mounting me," she murmured laughingly.

Then she would spend all her time in mounting bouquets on bits of rush.

John Storm was on his feet; the blood was mounting to his face and tingling in his fingers.