Neurotic [adjective]

Definition of Neurotic:

mentally maladjusted

Synonyms of Neurotic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Neurotic:

Sentence/Example of Neurotic:

I was a little impatient with her; I had not suspected that she was so neurotic a woman.

Voltaire, the least Puritanical of men, is also the least neurotic.

Of course, as you say, it's a neurotic temperament that's at the bottom of the trouble.

You are vastly more interesting to me because you are in a crux, and neurotic and anæmic.

The condition is probably of neurotic origin and tends to recur.

The condition is to be considered as probably of neurotic origin.

Mr. Paine speaks of him somewhere as "high-strung and neurotic."

In vain the Page, who is aware of the neurotic taint in the woman, warns him.

The neurotic should sleep preferably at night and avoid day sleep.

Such a statement is true of the neurotic and explains why he is a neurotic.