Skittish [adjective]

Definition of Skittish:

very nervous

Synonyms of Skittish:

Opposite/Antonyms of Skittish:

Sentence/Example of Skittish:

"There's only about a dozen guests there now, so you needn't get skittish," says he.

Usually he was not skittish nor afraid of trains or engines.

The horse is "skittish" and playful in the morning, not so much so at night.

"Shady says the roan's too skittish for any of the young ladies—" he suggested.

Of course it's silly for a girl who's nearly nineteen to be as skittish as I am.

There is no satire, very little humor and nothing in the least skittish.

O, yes it does; a year's a great deal; they are so skittish at nineteen.

This gracefull and skittish little Animal is a wonder to behold.

But this made her skittish, and she stamped sharply half a dozen times.

They will not now change their title to the London Skittish.