Panicky [adjective]

Definition of Panicky:


Opposite/Antonyms of Panicky:

Sentence/Example of Panicky:

He wondered with a panicky feeling whether he had hurt her in any way.

He had rested but a moment, when he was seized with an extraordinary "panicky" feeling.

Briscoe might get it away from me, or he might not; but I wa'n't goin' to get panicky over it.

I'm so scared that if I'm intercepted, I may get panicky, and if I do someone is likely to get hurt.

I've got some ideas I don't dare tell you about; you might get panicky and run!

They shot away with a wild plunge and a scurry of panicky hoofs.

That crowd was so panicky that it didn't have sense enough even to surrender.

The exhausted and panicky shoat began floundering in the mud.

I had steeled myself against the meeting, with a cold, panicky dread.

Let drill, discipline, and orders slide, and your men will get panicky for the want of it.